Barbie Doll - The ideal Figure?

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While no one will argue using the interest in Mattel's Barbie Doll, one area containing raised its great amount of controversy over time is her figure. - Dolls

Many parents from around the globe have argued that Barbie's ultra-slim figure represents a ridiculous standard for a physique. It is said that many girls grow up thinking that they need to have a similar figure as Barbie or there will be something wrong with them. While I do not take on that radical of your stance, I'll claim that it will be very, very hard to measure around Barbie's standards.

For the measurements of Barbie, she would be over 7 ft . tall, weigh around 125 pounds, this will let you form of 32-20-42. Naturally, no woman could maintain a figure like that, however is where the talk stems.

Furthermore, Barbie has a long neck. The truth is, her neck is almost twice how big the typical woman. Her feet may also be another source of criticism with many saying that Barbie's feet are just half how big is an ordinary womans due to foot binding. That is the practice of preventing the feet from growing by constricting them.

Some have went as far as praoclaiming that the Barbie doll has caused their young children to get anorexic from wanting to maintain Barbie's figure. I believe that could be a little extreme, but I are able to see each side.

Recently, Mattel has given within a little on this issue and widened Barbie's waist a lttle bit. This occurred around the 2000. Barbie presenting a much more proportioned waist.

It doesn't matter what Barbie's figure seems like, or who's correct or incorrect with this issue, the actual winner with this debate is Mattel. An added controversy and publicity only helps to fuel sales. I wonder why no-one covers Ken's figure? - Dolls